The Department of Environmental Science provides instruction in environmental science, environmental management, environmental studies, the Earth sciences, and science, technology and society.  It also engages in studies that aim to understand how nature works, discover knowledge that can be used to formulate sound environmental policies, and develop approaches and technologies that can address environmental problems.  It prepares future environmental scientists and managers for careers in research, academe, government, private sector, and civic and non-government organizations.
The department has the following objectives:
  1. equip students with adequate theoretical knowledge and practical skills that will enable them to manage and investigate the environment, and to find solutions to global and local environmental problems;
  2. inculcate among students culture of excellence, civic consciousness, integrity, and teamwork;
  3. engage in research on various environmental topics to generate knowledge that can be used to develop technologies, strategies, and policies for environmental protection, and;
  4. to provide consultancy, extension, and training services to the communities, government agencies, industry, and non-government organizations.


  • Certificate in Basic Environmental Impact Assessment (for CLSU DOT-Uni)


Name Education Research Interests Links
Castillo, Diane Shiela C.
MS Wildlife Studies, University of the Philippines at Los Banos; 
BS Animal Husbandry, CLSU
wildlife biology;
environmental science 
De Dios, Ma. Johanna J.
MS Environmental Management, CLSU;
BS Animal Husbandry, CLSU 
Dumale, Justine V.
MS Biology, CLSU;
BS Biology, CLSU
Francisco, Criselda P.
PhD Biological Sciences - Environmental Biology (on going), University of Santo Tomas;
MS Environmental Management, CLSU; 
BS Biology, CLSU
environmental microbiology;
climate change;
waste management
Lazaro, Sharon E.
Associate Professor
Department Chair
PhD Chemistry, Walailak University, Thailand; 
MS Chemistry Education, CLSU; 
BS Chemistry, CLSU
environmental chemistry;
spin-crossover materials;
science education
Ortinero, Cesar V.
OVPAA Secretary
PhD Urban and Environmental Engineering, Kyoto University, Japan; 
MS Environmental Engineering and Management, Asian Institute of Technology, Thailand; 
Diploma in Environmental Science, University of the Philippines Diliman; 
BS Chemistry, CLSU
environmental toxicology and biotechnology;
urban and industrial ecology;
waste management and valorization
Rengel, Davelyn P.
MS Marine Science
University of the Philippines Diliman;
BS Biology, CLSU
Quitos, Luzviminda S.
Associate Professor
College Graduate Program Coordinator
PhD Science Education, Araullo University-PEN; 
MS Chemistry Education, CLSU; 
BS Chemistry, CLSU
basic and applied science;
science education;
biopesticides & biofertilizers


Current Projects:
  • Diane Shiela S. Castillo (Project Leader) - Biodiversity Assessment towards Potential Sustainable Eco-Tourism Development in Central Luzon State University (Funding: CLSU through ARC)
  • Diane Shiela S. Castillo (Project Staff) - Coastal Resource Management Integrating Coastal Resource Assessment and Valuation, Carrying Capacity, Climate Change Adaptation and Disaster Risk Reduction in the Province of Zambales: A Systems Approach (Funding: CHED-DARE TO)
  • Cesar V. Ortinero (Project Leader); Luzviminda S. Quitos and Nina Arra DJ. Rivera (Project Staff) - CLSU Solid Waste Management Project (CLSU-SWAMP): A Comprehensive and Multidisciplinary Approach to the Sustainable Management of Solid Waste in a University Setting (Funding: CLSU through ARC)
  • Cesar V. Ortinero (Project Staff) - Benchmarking the Biochemical and Heavy Metal Content of Nile Tilapia Strains Cultured in Ponds and Cages in the Philippines and its Implications to the Human Health, Culture and Feeding Management (Funding: CLSU through ARC)
Completed Projects:
  • Cesar V. Ortinero (Project Staff) - Phenolic antioxidants and colorants from agricultural by-products for functional food and cosmetic applications (Funding: CHED; Nov 2015 to Oct 2016)
  • Cesar V. Ortinero (Project Staff) - Myko—mining of wild edible mushrooms and other allied species in Central Luzon for their medicinal properties (Funding: DOST-PCHRD; Jul 2014 to May 2018)
  • Cesar V. Ortinero (Project Staff) -  Development of diagnostic and management protocols for intra--- mammary infections (IMI) in dairy goats (part of the National Dairy Goat S&T Program) (Funding: DOST-PCAARD; Jul 2014 to Jun 2017)
Recent Publications: 

Community Involvement and Training Activities 

  • Workshop on Green Chemical Education, 2014 (with Alexandar Weissfloch, Professor, Vancouver Island University, Canada)
  • Training Workshop on Environmental Parasitology, 2016 (with Dr. Vachel Gay Faller and her research staff, UPLB Institute of Biological Science


Best Paper Awards from International and National Conferenced Received by Faculty Members: 
  • Sharon E. Lazaro - Best Oral Presentation in Inogranic Chemistry Category of the Pure and Applied Chemistry International Conference, Thailand, 2018
  • Diane Shiela C. Castillo, 2nd Best Paper, International Conference on Recent Advances in Conservation Biology and the Environment, Philippines, 2018
  • Sharon E. Lazaro - Best Presentation, Materials Research Society  of Thailand International Conference, Thailand, 2017
Awards Received by Students: 
  • Hannah N. Meim - BSI-DOST Science Awardee, 2018

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