Ten departments, two major fields. Most number of faculty members, most number of enrolled students, most number of subject offerings every semester. The College of Arts and Sciences, a service college, always prides itself of the diversity it demonstrates in the university. The diverse culture, from faculty members to the course offerings -- these differences and complete opposition of fields have made the college unique and an embodiment of great balance.

The college started off with just four departments and now it has expanded to more fields that provide even greater opportunities, and a wider research domain for both faculty members and students. This continuous evolution just goes to show how tireless the college is in its achievement of excellence. The Department of Biological Sciences has been dubbed with a Center of Excellence status, and the Department of Chemistry was then a Center of Development.  There is a great expansion in the Development Communication Department with its new facilities and building and it is on its way to achieving great recognition. The fields of Environmental Science, Mathematics and Physics, and Statistics shows great promise in research and development. Moreover, the departments of English and Humanities, Filipino, Psychology and Social Sciences strive to achieve higher statuses. 

College of Arts and Sciences, the blending of two fields, the combination of hard and soft sciences as I have always described it, is prepared to take on new developments that could provide students with skills and knowledge that would make them globally competitive. 

Hence, this website is created to demonstrate how the College of Arts and Sciences tirelessly strive for new projects, new researches, and new developments on each department. Also, a bulletin on up to date academic activities that would be of great help in providing information and educating the community even more. With an addition of extra-curricular activities organized by different organizations. These are not only done for each department but for the advancement of the whole college as one.  Furthermore, this is an avenue for the college to be widely recognized as unique and an embodiment of great balance. The faculty members who come from different educational backgrounds and with different work ethics gather together and have that great balance of the two fields.

It is very exciting to see in the future how even in extreme adversities such as diversity, with the continuous hard work of blending the arts and sciences, this college would shine, achieve and contribute excellence to CLSU.

and Professor of Biology